The way to the top in retail
You stay sharp, day in, day out, always eager to succeed. You set things in motion and foster growth and development. You are already at the top, or you feel the need to reach higher. You are ambitious, not easily satisfied and always on the move.

You give a lot, so you expect a lot in return too. You don’t rush into things. You only join forces with a partner who knows retail through and through. An expert who can give you an insight into the DNA of retail companies and who knows the ins and outs of these businesses.

Access to a good network is important for you to take the next step. It is therefore likely that you are already in touch with us. If not, contact us today. Register here or send us a message. There’s no easier way to significantly extend your retail network. And it’s also the first step in getting to know us.
The best match
As an executive search partner, we match businesses and candidates only if we truly believe they are a perfect fit. We do not rely on a single meeting to assess whether or not there is a perfect fit. Instead, we rely on our sound knowledge of retail businesses and retailers in the sector. Our sister company Netwerkt werving & selectie has been working with retailers for 18 years, and provides its services both at the level of operations and headquarters. There is no better way to monitor retail companies and management track records.

We would love to share our own track record in selection and recruitment at executive level with you. The results are clear for all to see. Just look at the growth of the retailers where we brought candidates and employers together.
Standard procedures are no longer enough. We need a perfect fit, instantly. The retail sector faces major challenges, so we need top managers who can make all the difference.
In the past, several face-to-face meetings, reference checks and an assessment seemed to prove sufficient for employers. Today, the bar has been raised considerably. The candidate’s track record is key. A proven track record, that is.

Nowadays, real substance is paramount in any executive search.
Past results are a solid basis in the selection of potential top managers. Where was the candidate successful? Where did they fail? What are their actual, demonstrable results? Which combination ensures a candidate can make the most of their position, both for themselves and for the organisation?

In order to see the wood for the trees, thorough knowledge of retail is essential. After all, there are no bad candidates at the top, and likewise, there are no bad companies. However, there are plenty of bad combinations.

At Netwerkt executive search, we only propose candidates we know through and through. Together with our business unit Netwerkt werving en selectie, we have been working for retail companies for 18 years. We have therefore known many top-management candidates for years. We know their track record, we follow one another, we keep in touch and we share knowledge and information.

When brainstorming with clients about the right candidate for a position at management or directorship level, many candidates from our network are often directly an obvious choice. We don’t work with long lists or short lists. We find excellent candidates instantly. The top candidates on the market. The very best candidates are only a phone call away.
As part of our daily activities, we keep in touch with both directors and managers. We know virtually all top managers in the retail sector, and we can tell you who would be the perfect match for your organisation. We promise you stability and continuity.

We have an overview of virtually the entire staff base in the sector, and we can tell you who would be interested in a new position. This eliminates the need for a talent search and allows us to move forward quickly. We know a candidate’s track record, so you’re always guaranteed top-notch quality and security.

As we have in-depth relationships with our clients and candidates, we are able to find the perfect match. What would make it worthwhile for the candidate to join your organisation? And which added value does the candidate offer to boost your organisation’s performance?

Finding the perfect match is important, but it is even more important to prevent a mismatch. Because of our expertise, we, unlike others, have access to insider information.
About us
Netwerkt executive search is a spin-off of Netwerkt werving & selectie, which has specialised in recruitment and selection for the retail sector for 18 years. Given our track record in finding the right candidates at mid and senior level, we were often asked to find the best candidates for executive positions as well. Therefore, in 2010 we started finding top-management candidates for the retail sector on an informal basis.

In 2019, Netwerkt executive search was founded to show everyone what we had been doing for almost a decade: finding the perfect match between candidates and businesses in order to secure a brighter future for both. We can safely say we have reached our goals, once the corporate goals and the goals of both clients and candidates have been achieved or, even better, have been exceeded.
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